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We establish a safe secure environment to serve the unique needs of students with complex disabilities and their families. Those entrusted to us will be provided with a personalized life enriching curriculum that includes skills for functional living and an improved quality of life. Our graduates will confidently and actively participate as valued members of their community.

The Mission of Polk County Public Schools is to provide a high quality education for all students.


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Extended School Year Dates and Times

ESY will begin Monday June 12 through Thursday July 6,  Student hours are 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

Jungle Book

KMSA students are reading The Jungle Book for the month of May.

“The Jungle book” is a collection of topic-related stories written by English writer and Nobel-prize winner  Rudyard Kipling. Stories were published in magazines within 1893 and 1894, each one followed with original illustrations, some of which were made by author’s father.

Although the stories were written  while living in Vermont, the author found inspiration in his childhood spent in India, where he returned for a couple of years after finishing college. Allegedly, the stories were dedicated to his daughter who passed away at the age of six, not long after the first edition of the book was published.

The book consists of 14 chapters or stories about a boy named Mowgli who got lost in a jungle when he was just a little boy. When mother wolf found him and accepted as one of her own calves, Mowgli was brought up and raised among animals who were taking good care of him and taught him the laws of the jungle. He was living happily and carefree, only the tiger Shere-Khan was spreading the fear among the jungle animals, scaring Mowgli as well.

In this book animals are personified, becoming intelligent as humans, caring and emotionally attached to the little boy like he was the one of their own. Mowgli is capable of talking to them, as they were given the knowledge of human speech or Mowgli somehow succeeded in learning  their way of communication.

Animals described have high moral standards, laws which they obey to and teach Mowgli about them. Also, they preach respect  among all living beings and Nature itself. A righteousness of the animals can be used as a lesson for people’s behavior. Besides vicious assassin tiger Sheer-Khan, humans are in the role of the leading villains in this book. Scaring the other living creatures, people are described as usurpers of nature without having  any respect towards other living beings; acting reckless, unaware  of consequences of their actions. Book characters became extremely popular in 1967., after the book- inspired cartoon got released.


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