Positive Behavior Assistance Team

The Positive Behavior Assistance team designs interventions for students that include instructional programming, medical / health assessment, behavioral programming that addresses the students’ social and emotional needs. This team consists of teachers and administrative staff. The emphasis for managing student behavior at KMSA is to change the environment, making the problem behavior irrelevant and to manipulate the consequences to ensure appropriate behaviors are consistently and powerfully reinforced rather than the problem behavior. The Positive Behavior Assistance team members are certified in Professional Crisis Management.

KMSA staff believes that relationship building founded in trust and respect is the cornerstone of our social/ emotional curriculum and all other programs and interventions are secondary.



Professional Crisis Management

PCM is an advanced system of crisis management. Unlike other methods that teach intervention techniques only after individuals have become non-compliant, agitated or aggressive, PCM focuses primarily on prevention before a crisis occurs. PCM includes Crisis Prevention, Crisis De-escalation, Crisis Intervention, and Post-Crisis Intervention components. PCM utilizes “hands on” competency-based training and written tests to certify that individuals who receive instruction in PCM reach the highest level of skill acquisition. PCM is the only complete crisis management system available that can guarantee successful prevention and intervention with maximum safety, increased dignity and total effectiveness.

The best way to handle a crisis situation is to prevent it before it happens!

The crisis prevention component of the PCM system teaches a wide range of nonphysical and verbal strategies for the prevention of crisis situations. Since PCM is based on a teaching and learning model, it integrates smoothly as well as complements and strengthens our existing teaching and treatment strategies. Furthermore, throughout PCM, an emphasis is placed on the importance of individual choice and basic human rights.