Leaders at Work Academy

KMSA has established Leaders at Work Academy for students who have exited the high school program. This academy is a transition program that’s purpose is to prepare students and their families for their after school life.

There are two paths within the transition program. Path one focuses on the development of life skills, employability skills, Transition portfolio development, maximizing the levels of students’ use of independent functioning skills and communication skills by providing authentic campus based experiences / enterprises such as:

  1. Bistro sandwich and coffee shop
  2. Laundry Services
  3. Clerical Services
  4. Housekeeping
  5. Grounds Maintenance
  6. Greeting Card Production
  7. Take Flight Catering

The second path of the adult program emphasizes the mastery of self-help, daily living and communication skills maximizing each student’s ability to be an active participant in their home and community life with minimal supports.

All students in the Leaders at Work program are exposed to a wide variety of leisure activities. Students are encouraged to choose those leisure activities they prefer to further develop independence in engagement of the activity.

In both paths, families are connected with agencies that provide services for adults with disabilities. Our goal is that each student who exits our transition program will be connected to adult post school programs.


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